1000 Waterbombs Later …


Ever spent five hours straight sitting at a tap making nearly 1000 waterbombs?

I can now tick that off my ‘to do before I’m 40′ list ;P

The result was SERIOUS fun and just over $300 raised for flood relief. My favourite part was the littlies with their toothless grins cheekily lobbing their waterbombs at us. The look on their face was a priceless mix of “I can’t believe they’re letting us do this” and “this is soooo FUN”.

The other thing that was cool was some of the amazing qualities I saw in the boys in the group (this group had no girls, unsurprising perhaps that they chose waterbombs for their activity!) …

  • one of the boys immediately took on a leadership role, directing the others to tasks that needed doing
  • a quiet fellow who didn’t know how to tie balloons asked me to teach him, then persisted until he ‘got it’ and at one point was our fastest and most consistent ‘tie-er’
  • another boy came up with a strategy to keep everyone busy and focussed … he got people ferrying the bombs in buckets of six to the waterbomb site, issuing the challenge that by the time they got back there needed to be another bucket of six ready … it was amazingly motivating … and it was perfectly timed, he suggested it when everyone was starting to tire