500 Hours

500 Hours is our attempt to “do something” about the decline in community connectedness. While this might seem too big for two people to tackle, if we wait for someone else to take responsibility nothing will change. 500 Hours is the result of our decision, to stop waiting … to start acting.  

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Australia Connected & United


As I read the article below and look at the pictures I can feel tears welling up in my eyes as I see a glimpse of an Australia I long for.  I wish it didn’t have to take such a horrible flood disaster for people to break down the stranger barriers and see people as fellow sojourners rather than competitors.

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Day 1


We had our first workshop today with year 6/6/7. No, that’s not a mistake. We’re working with a double class. Mr Jockel’s year 6 class and Mr Millar’s year 6/7 class. 54 students. Yes, we were slightly nervous about the size of the group, but we needn’t have been. All went really well The focus of today’s workshop was the

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Week 3


$477.25 … that’s how much year 6/6/7 made today (after expenses) at their snowcone fundraising stall. AMAZING!!! But exhausting. How do teachers do this everyday? Something occurred to me yesterday, that there’s another way to describe what we’re doing at Kippa-Ring. We’re doing the stuff that people are always saying schools *should* be doing, but don’t have the time, staff

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Week 4


We had a really interesting conversation with Jane, the learning support teacher at Kippa-Ring this week. We’re writing a grant to get some of the students help with their reading, so wanted to get some stats and stories from her. Some of the things she had to say made me really, really, really quiet. The kind of quiet you get

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1000 Waterbombs Later …


Ever spent five hours straight sitting at a tap making nearly 1000 waterbombs? I can now tick that off my ‘to do before I’m 40′ list ;P The result was SERIOUS fun and just over $300 raised for flood relief. My favourite part was the littlies with their toothless grins cheekily lobbing their waterbombs at us. The look on their

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Chalk Love


Positive affirmation chalk graffiti all over the school grounds was the task for our class today.I often hear quite negative attitudes from the kids about their school so we thought this would be a good challenge for the kids to think positive and do something nice for the other kids.I thought it was going to be difficult to get the

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Hula Helps!


We’re setting up a new micro-project at Kippa-Ring. Hula Helps will be a group for senior girls who have been indentified as needing some support around confidence, resilience and body image. We’ll be working with the girls for one hour a week over a whole term, having fun and learning something new. I took up hula hooping about a year

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Giving …


It’s funny how some weeks seem to have a theme … this week the theme is money! Lots of people don’t like talking about money but we’ve decided to be really transparent and keep you updated on where things are at. So here’s the news: This week we had two donations to 500 Hours core, totalling $300. This brings us

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How amazing is this picture? Can you draw as well as that? Me either! For the last few weeks we’ve been working with the class on some self-awareness stuff. Looking at what their strengths and challenges are and exploring areas for personal improvement. Today we had them illustrate one of their challenges in cartoon form, including a before and after

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