Day 1


We had our first workshop today with year 6/6/7. No, that’s not a mistake. We’re working with a double class. Mr Jockel’s year 6 class and Mr Millar’s year 6/7 class. 54 students. Yes, we were slightly nervous about the size of the group, but we needn’t have been. All went really well :)

The focus of today’s workshop was the recent floods and how people have helped out in lots of different ways. The class is now excitedly working in four teams to create and deliver some flood fundraising activities. There was no shortage of ideas (my personal favourite was Ga Ga day, where everyone dresses up as Lady Ga Ga). The final four ideas are:

* Snowcones
* Obstacle Course Fun Run
* Waterbomb a Teacher
* Guess How Many Lollies are in the Jars

We’ll be working with the four teams over the next month to make their ideas happen.

We also had some positive conversations with the school chaplain, behaviour management teachers and the performing arts teacher about some gaps and opportunities they see. I don’t think there is going to be a shortage of ideas!?!?!

We’re planning on finish each workshop with a gratitude activity where we all anonymously write down one thing we’re grateful for. Some of the contributions today were:

* I am grateful for my Nan & Pa
* I am grateful for Sport
* I am grateful for having awsome (sic) friends
* I am grateful for the floods to be over
* I am grateful for being a good drawer

We’re going to save these up over the year and doing something special with them at the end of semester two. Watch this space.