How amazing is this picture? Can you draw as well as that? Me either!

For the last few weeks we’ve been working with the class on some self-awareness stuff. Looking at what their strengths and challenges are and exploring areas for personal improvement.

Today we had them illustrate one of their challenges in cartoon form, including a before and after panel of them ‘experiencing the challenge’ and ‘mastering the challenge’. We saw some really beautiful work with the students really ‘owning’ their personal challenges and clearly articulating them verbally and visually.

Something I noticed is the keen fascination students had around the strengths and challenges of the adults in the room when they were sharing. They are really curious about ‘who’ the people who teach them are. The personal/professional line is an ever-present discussion in community work. How can you be an effective role-model when you don’t share yourself generously, and show your vulnerability? Something interesting to think about.