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WHAT IS 500 Hours?

Do you ever feel powerless about how big the problems of the world seem, and your inability to do anything about them?

So do we!!! But whose job is it to fix these problems?

If we wait for someone else to take responsibility nothing will change. 500 Hours is the result of our decision…….to stop waiting and to start acting.

In 2011, Lisa Burnett and Samantha Jockel, will each work one day a week for one year (500 hours) to see what kind of impact we can make with a small amount of time and a specific focus. In our first year of operation we are donating our 500 hours to Kippa Ring State Primary School.

In doing this work we are seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What is the most effective thing I can do to contribute to positive change in my community?
  • What needs to change?
  • How can others in our community get involved in changemaking?

We are documenting the project via the blog roll on the front page of this website. Click on home to track our progress or support us with a donation.

Who are we?

500 Hours has been developed by two Redcliffe women, Samantha Jockel and Lisa Burnett. Between us, we have over 30 years of experience in the community and cultural sectors. We are passionate individuals who are working on making the planet a better place.

photo-samSamantha Jockel has a double degree in Human Services and Theology. She has worked as a high school chaplain, peer educator and business trainer. She is well recognised for her work with Biddy Bags, a social enterprise providing income generation for mature aged women via use of their traditional crafting skills. She is also co-director of the social media digital agency Good Funny Smart. Samantha’s superpower is ‘making things happen’.

photo-lisaLisa Burnett has dedicated her working life to supporting young people to achieve their best; helping them to identify and build strengths and recognise that if they want to succeed ‘it’s up to them’. Lisa has high-level skills in project management, grant writing, event management, mentoring, facilitation and design. Lisa’s superpower is ‘attention to detail’.