Post Term 1 Update

After our first term working at Kippa Ring State School these are some things we have learnt: half a dozen senior school students can’t read beyond year two level More than 50% of prep students have the oral literacy skills of three and half year olds (or less) Our activities at Kippa Ring State School so far have included: Applying

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Great Idea for Your Class

Did a super simple, super cheap, super fun activity with the year 6/7 class today. Each student wrote down an interview question on something they wanted to know about their teacher. Then we randomly drew the questions out for their teachers to answer. Some of the questions were really deepĀ – What is your biggest fear and why? Why did you

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I Heart Good News Stories


A huge thanks to Leanne Edminstone for her amazing story on 500 Hours in the Sunday Mail’s “U” magazine (July 17, 2011) Previously, pretty much every media story I’ve ever been involved with has been a bit of a let down. Wrong dates, wrong names, no venue. Arrrgghhhhhhh. Not this time though. Leanne got it 100% right. Love, love, love

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