The Kippa Ring Project

Why Kippa Ring?

According to 78% of students attending Kippa-Ring State School are below the state average for “Community Socio-Educational Advantage”. Through no fault of their own many Kippa Ring students start their school years ‘behind the pack’. Significant progress is made over the course of their school years with the gap between Kippa-Ring students and those in other parts of the state reducing by the time they graduate. Even so, despite best efforts and because the gap is bigger, students at Kippa-Ring require even greater support to reach their full potential.

Whilst the 500 Hours project isn’t focussed on improving students’ academic success we will be working on the foundations that enable children and young people to succeed in all aspects of their lives:

  • identifying strengths and building confidence
  • improving human relationship skills
  • deepening students’ connection to their community

Post Term 1 Update

After our first term working at Kippa Ring State School these are some things we have learnt:

  • half a dozen senior school students can’t read beyond year two level
  • More than 50% of prep students have the oral literacy skills of three and half year olds (or less)

Our activities at Kippa Ring State School so far have included:

  • Applying for and receiving a grant for a reading tutor to work with 7 upper primary (Grade 6 and 7) students that have the reading level of a grade 3 student or below to work one-on-one, four times a week.
  • Facilitating a group of students to run 4 fundraising events in the school for the floods.  These students raised a total of $1051.53 which was an amazing effort for this school.
  • Organising and sourcing funds to create a support group for young women who are struggling to connect as a result of low self-esteem and body confidence issues.  This project is called Hula Helps!!
  • Working with a combined class of 54 year 6/7 students one hour per week, every week, focusing on life skills and social capital building to see if that has any impact on those students over the course of the year.
  • Applying for an Artist in Residence grant which we are hopeful about receiving which will involve Circa (Circus Crew) coming into Kippa Ring one day a week in term 3 to deliver circus skills and classes to year 5 and 6 students including aerials, tissue and other skills.

As you can see from most of our work so far we are choosing to focus on upper primary as this is where the support and resource gap is.

500 Hours is a local response to a local problem. We live in Redcliffe. Kippa-Ring is part of our community. We believe change is possible but it has to come from you and me.

And yes, it really does take a village.

*ICSEA, the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage, is a measure of social and community factors that impact on student success.

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